Sunday Service

March 3, 2024
3rd Sunday of Lent

Worship Service (11:00 – Noon)

Let the first act on waking be to place yourself, your heart, mind, faculties, your whole being, in God’s hands. Ask him to take entire possession of you, to be the guide of your soul, your life, your wisdom, your strength. He wills that we seek him in all our needs, that we may both know Him truly, and draw closer and closer to Him; and in prayer we gain an invisible force which will triumph over seemingly hopeless difficulties. – H.L. Sidney Lear

1st Scripture – Genesis 28:10-19

2nd Scripture – Psalm 146: 1-5

Sermon – “Finding God in Unlikely Places” – Rev. Dean Woods

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Elder at the Door – Joe McElwee

Deacon on Duty – Sheryl McElwee

Adult Sunday School – Sunday School beginning January 14th:
“Encounters with Jesus” Led by Nancy Terry – What is my purpose in life? What is a good life? Why is there so much wrong with our world? What can I do to help make it right? These are some of the big questions that everyone must answer. Join Nancy Terry for a discussion on these questions and how Jesus addresses these things that are big questions for all of us.
“The Gospel in Hymns” Led by Pastor Jonathan Cook – In this class we will watch short 15-20 minute videos of a pastor/musician talking about great hymns of the faith, the stories behind the authors and lyrics of the hymns, as well as singing them to some new updated tunes. We will discuss hymns of the faith, the nature of our worship, and how we all relate to songs for our own spiritual growth and to the glory of God. Join Jonathan as we all seek to be more intentional and thoughtful in our worship and singing. Singers and non-singers welcome!

Nursery care (10:30-Noon)  – The nursery is available for children ages 3 and under. An experienced nursery attendant, Mrs. Miriam Pringle, is on duty from 10:30 until Noon. The nursery is located on the first floor of the Education Building.

Rocker, crib and changing station in church nursery.
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