Mrs. Betty Young

Betty and Lib Divver

In 1952 the “Young” clan moved to Anderson after being in Boston, Massachusetts for three years of Jim’s Surgical residency. Betty and Jim had five children on their arrival to Anderson. They joined Young Memorial and along with the Beard family there was instantly a children’s program. In 1955 Betty gave birth to her sixth child. Betty was always a part of Young Memorial. As many have said, “every time the doors of the church were open, she was there!”

Betty served as Women Circle Leader, Sunday School teacher, President of the Women of the Church, member of the Flora Halliday Bible Study and along with Jim they led the high school Young Peoples Group for many years with several members you all know, like Lib Divver and John Hunt. She was constantly involved with projects that the church took on. She always helped with the Christmas pageant; frequently making costumes and providing props. One year she even had her son Louis bring and hold a real lamb from their farm in the pageant. Her friendly welcoming smile is frequently mentioned by visiting guests at Young Memorial.

She always makes an effort to meet new faces and to get to know them. Even at 96 years old, she remembers names and is a wealth of knowledge of the history of Young Memorial. Being the oldest living member of Young Memorial, she is like a matriarch and is loved by all.

One of her children once said that Betty exemplifies all of the “fruits of the Spirit”: Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, fidelity, tolerance and self-control.

She will be missed as an every week member, but we hope to see her back here at Young Memorial on frequent visits.

We love you!!

Citation for Recognition of Mrs. Betty Young – January 5, 2020